Tired of doing all the runaround and work for your investment property?  Looking for a Property Manager in Carindale?

Garry Thomas Property Management Carina is a specialist in property management with over ten years real estate experience in Carindale and surrounding suburbs.

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“Garry Thomas is delivering excellent results by specialising solely in Property Management. We look after rental properties from the Southern suburbs to the City.  To deliver the most efficient and cost effective solutions we employ the latest Property Management solutions, coupled with exceptional communication with our clients”

Our Property Management specialists are professionally trained and accredited to provide expert advice on rental Property Management in Carindale


At Garry Thomas, our focus is to do one thing and one thing only.  Provide an exceptional level of Property Management service to all of our clients.

Landlords want the best return on their investment with efficient tenant management, prompt rent repayments and property maintenance.

Tenants are seeking a property for rent that they are proud to call home, where they can relax and enjoy their surroundings.

Garry Thomas seeks to fulfil all these needs and more, with efficiency and dedication.

Choosing the right agent may make, or save you thousands of dollars.

Sole focus on exceptional Property Management
Extensive knowledge and experience in Carindale, Brisbane Eastern and Southern suburbs and greater Brisbane region
Personalised service with a dedicated Property Manager, one point of contact at all times
A forward thinking and passionate Principal
A prompt response to all communication
Exceptional internal policies and procedures aligned with the most up-to-date industry standards and code of ethics
Effective marketing to target the right Tenants for your property
Stringent selection procedures and checks on all potential Tenants


Carindale is a residential suburb of Brisbane, 10 km south-east of the CBD. It is on Cleveland Road and Bulimba Creek, and bounded to the east by the Gateway Motorway.

The Carindale area was originally part of Belmont Shire and the suburb of Belmont. The Carindale housing estate (its name derived from the adjoining suburb of Carina) was placed on the market in 1976, and four years later the suburb was formally named. Its primary schools date from rural times, Belmont State primary school (1876) on Cleveland Road and Carina State primary (1917) in the extreme north-west corner of the suburb.

Bulimba Creek flows generally south to north through Carindale and is adjoined by extensive open space. About half of this area is occupied by the Pacific Golf Club.

Carindale’s best known location is a super-regional drive-in shopping centre on its western boundary. Opened in 1979 it grew by stages to have two department stores, two discount department stores, two supermarkets, 270 other shops, cinemas, a hotel and a library. It also has a bus interchange and a City Council office. The suburb’s first development phase (1970s-80s) occurred around the shopping centre, westward to Bulimba Creek and to Scrub Road north of the golf course. The new suburb grew rapidly, and upon crossing Scrub Road the new suburb absorbed part of Belmont as far as the Gateway Motorway.

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